______Carve your name into my arms
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&& all she wants
is a guy who is in love
with every little detail about her
and truly thinks she must be sent from above

a guy who loves her smile
and the adorable little dimples she gets when she does
someone who asks if they could just talk a while
and kisses her just because

a guy who loves her laugh
even if she does it when he doesn't think it was funny
and he doesn't talk on her behalf
but looks in her eyes and says "i love you hunny"

a guy who loves that she gets
hyper when shes tired from a long day
and loves those little fits
she throws when things don't go her way

a guy who would never want to see her cry
at least not tears of sadness
someone who isn't shy
and will always be her eyewitness

a guy who does the little things to make her day just
because he knows it makes her happy not because he has to
the guy who says "trust is a must,
and you know i will always be true"

This is a story of a girl
With a broken heart
lost in this world
not knowing where to start

She had her heart
Broke once before
But that was enough
To make her not believe anymore

She thought she did everything right
Then something went terribly wrong
He just left, not saying goodbye
It was just like that sad love song

Now she spends her days
Laying all day in bed
Wiping away the tears
And thinking of the memories that are now dead

Finally her friends had had enough
And took her out
She met you
But right away she began to doubt

You did everything that no one else could do
You pick her up off her feet
And started showing her
Life's right beat.

The two of you were together non-stop
And your love began to grow
And suddenly her doubtfullness
No longer showed

You rescued the girl
who had a broken heart
and showed her what love really was
and gave her life a new start

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