______Carve your name into my arms
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Red is from the blood i shed
Blue is my face
clear is for your tears that fall

These cuts tell a story
these cuts are my life's long journey

Ever since i was 10 or so
when i learned the art of blood
I've carried on all though these years
My 1st cut, i was so scared
nervous but determined

My heart always trembled
of fear of what others might say
but now i say "f**k that
I'll do what i please"

You tried to help me
through troubles and pain
you tried to stop me from cutting
but for me..there was no way out

Each day cutting more and deeper
as i can feel the pain be relieved

You told me i has a beautiful face
but now it's pale blue
You told me i had a cute body
but now it's trashed
with blood, scars, and cuts

Your standing there crying
watching me die slowly
and saying you'll be with me

Sick to my stomach.
As my eyes fill with tears.
My mind goes blank.
As I realize my fears.

Too many scars on my skin.
My heart breaks into thousands of shards.
This is a war I cannot win.
As the devil lays out his cards.

So call me a psycho, call me an outcast.
Tell me I'm nothing.
Cause I know my life will not last.

So preach to me.
Try to make me one of you.
I know what I am.
And to myself I am true.

Try to break me.
And tell me lies.
Try to change me.
And make me see everything through your eyes.

I know what is right.
I know what is wrong.
I have done nothing to you.
So why do you say I don't belong?

I try to stand so I can talk to you.
But my knees are weak and your words are not true.
Don't change me from what I am.
I have done nothing wrong, so this is my last stand.

The razor gleams so brilliantly bright.
I know my last heart break was tonight.
So I take my life out of gods hands.
Into my own, while you refuse to understand.

I did this for me, and for you.
Call me selfish, and anything but one of you.
You always said there was no escape.
But what of suicide?
Yes. That surely was my fate.

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